Friday, March 25, 2011

Fender Guitar Cases Buying Guide

Fender guitar cases generally come in 3 different forms. (Although there was that strange one my cousin Earl jerry-rigged.) Fender Gig Bags, Fender Soft Shell Cases and Fender Hard Shell Cases.
Here's a very basic detailing on what each one does, tips for finding the best one for your needs, and suggestions for keeping your Fender guitar good as new.
Case No.1: Going Soft
It used to be gig bags wouldn't protect a tank let alone a nice guitar. But fender guitar cases today are made of much better material and can really keep your guitar safe in transport.
Still one key to finding a good fender gig bag is to look at the seams. If you can, go for double-stitched seams. This will make sure moisture doesn't get inside--and that the bag will withstand abuse.
Another Fender gig bag key is how much storage does it offer? I know you think you'll just need something for your picks and capo and some minor gear, but you'd be surprised at how big sheet music/notebooks can get. Get as many storage pockets as you think you'll need in the future.
Case No.2: Medium Strength
When you need slightly more padding and protection than a gig bag can give you then a fender soft shell case will probably the one you need.
Gig bags are great, but the padding inside them just doesn't stack up to soft shell case, which is generally made from plastic molds. (Perfect for keeping dings and scratches away.)
But their biggest advantage is their foam interior which protects the most expensive part of the guitar...the neck. Everything else can get repaired, but screw up the neck and you're screwed.
Case No.3: Go Hard or Go Home
If you're gonna be on the road a lot then you'll definitely want to look into a hard shell case.
My general rule for whether to buy a hard shell versus a soft shell is will I be able to reach/see my Fender guitar while travelling. If not, go with the hard shell.
It's true that hard shell cases are a bit on the heavy side. But that bulk is protection--and is key to protecting the guitar that you want to keep safe.

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